Here's the latest errata from this day in geek news. News bites too small to merit their own posts, but too good to ignore. Watch out, here come my beloved bullet points:

  • Ed Speelers talked to Sci Fi Wire about his acting chops. You are probably asking yourself who Ed Speleers is, but don't worry -- that's why I'm here. The previously unknown Ed Speleers is the lead in upcoming fantasy-novel-turned-movie Eragon. Speelers said title roles in his high school Shakespeare productions prepared him for his career in major motion pictures. Whatever he learned, it was enough to impress casting directors and earn him a spot over 180,000 other hopefuls. High School drama geeks take heart -- it can be done!
  • EA will ship Superman Returns the video game on November 20th. If this game can be to Returns what Spider-Man 2 the game was to Spider-Man, it will be a glorious game indeed. (via Total Video Games)
  • Coming Soon has a nifty little Nightmare Before Christmas contest going on with some sweet prize action. If you think you could design a character worthy of appearing in the film, you might want to check it out.
  • Neil Gaiman'sStardusthas launched a teaser site. Neil Gaiman continues to ache with awesomeness. To geeks, this is an obvious fact. The rest of the world may finally be paying enough attention to say "hey, who is this Gaiman fellow we've been hearing about lately? (via Comics2Film)
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