ho-muinpuru-bumento movie fans. (That's Japanese for "wassup!" I believe.) Kevin here without another round of your favorite new online competition, Moviefone's Insert Caption. They'll sure miss you over there at namethatbeard.com.

JasonPowers06 gets my vote as last week's winner of our inaugural Insert Caption contest for 'The Departed.' Jason boldly toed the line of decency by roundaboutly referencing an adult act only those of us with imaginations 17 years or older could understand. (See Jason's entry here) Meanwhile, Nikki's "I love you leo you are a hottie" gets points for originality and reckless abandonment of topic. Fight the power, Nikki.

Good luck this week, and invite your friends and family to join. And remember, while 'The Grudge 2' is rated PG-13 for mature thematic material, violence and disturbing images of Sarah Michelle Gellar, we'd appreciate it if you kept your responses clean. Or at least ambiguously so (go Jason). I'll start:

The Grudge 2 movie

"The scariest thing? This morning I was a teenage Scottish boy."

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