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Hi, Moviefoners, Angie here with a report about 'Balls of Fury,' a comedy from Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant (or, as you may know them, Deputies Dangle and Travis Junior of the hilarious Comedy Central faux-reality-cop show, 'Reno 911!.') Being a HUGE fan of 'Reno' and its regular players, i was pretty psyched to get a sneak peek of the movie ... and to meet Dangle and Junior. Can't say i was disappointed on either front. Lennon, Garant and 'Fury' star Dan Fogler were there, chatting up the small group of press who showed up in a suite at the Waldorf Astoria (fancy!).

Haven't heard of 'Balls of Fury'? Well, Garant and Lennon describe it as "a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie, except about Ping-Pong ... and without Jean-Claude Van Damme." Ring a bell now? No? Well, perhaps you remember some photos that have been out for a while, of Christopher Walken (left, at a screening of 'King of New York' in '05) costumed as an Asian bad guy, with black wig and brightly colored kimono? Getting warm now? That was for this movie. And though Walken wasn't at this little shindig (dammit), his presence was strong in the room, and in one of the two clips we saw.

i'm hoping the final cut of this movie will be as funny as it looks in the clips, or just half as funny as 'Reno 911!' Speaking of which, expect a big-screen version, 'Reno 911!: Miami,' in February '07, soon after 'Balls of Fury,' in January.

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