Mark and Chris have already covered this semi-news item as much as humanly possible, but now it's my turn:

I want Peter Jackson to direct a Hobbit movie! (Oh please please please!) And now it (finally) seems that MGM, the studio that (somehow) holds the rights to Tolkien's classic tale, has taken some formative steps towards gauging Mr. Jackson's interest in the inevitably profitable project.

Responding to a web petition that boasts a whole bunch of signatures, MGM's head honcho sent a letter to, and here's what it said: "Peter Jackson's phenomenal success with The Lord of the Rings trilogy makes him the first and most ideal choice for directing The Hobbit. MGM would be thrilled to collaborate with the Academy Award-winning director on this MGM New Line Cinema production. And, I'm sure to the delight of the 50,000 filmgoers who have petitioned us in recent weeks, demanding we bring this film to fruition, we have had a few initial conversations about the project with Mr. Jackson's representatives."

Hey, at least the attempt is being made. And that's more than we've had over the last few years. Fingers crossed, Tolkienites!
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