I feel it necessary to declare right up front that I put my complete faith in Christopher Nolan. After the geek-out gift of Batman Begins, the man could be the godfather of my children. Well, if I had children, anyway. Unless and until he does something to revoke said trust, I'm willing to give the man every last benefit of the doubt. He could tell me he was making a G rated Batman in stop-motion claymation with Uwe Boll co-scripting and as long as it still involved Christian Bale I'd be gladly forking over my money for a chance to see. Although I was initially taken aback by the casting choice of Heath Ledger for the Joker, I supported the move on faith. After a rather ... confused and negative reaction from the general geek public, Nolan has come out swinging. He told Sci Fi Wire "It's going to be a huge challenge for us to create it, and he's exactly the guy you want to be in the trenches with."

In other news, Jake Gyllenhall himself has joined everyone who is in any way close to him in officially denying Two-Face rumors. Although I love Gyllenhall as an actor, this news is profoundly relieving. Nobody wants Brokeback Batman jokes, and I definitely don't want to spend the next year reading cheesy headlines filled with such jokes. And let's face it ... you know I'd have to make one or two myself, and that would just be unfortunate. So hats off to you, casting directors of The Dark Knight, for saving me from a bad-pun-filled fate.
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