Say what you want to about Stan Lee -- you can argue til the day is done about what he did for comics and what he didn't do for Jack Kirby, etc. -- but at the end of the day, the truth is Stan Lee is on the very, very short list of people who propelled superhero comic magazines from novelty to big business. Stan Lee is also one seriously cool cat. I know some of you out there have (reasonably fair) complaints about the man, but I'll always look at him with a mix of awe and respect. Superhero Hype has an exclusive first look of Stan Lee on set with Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer and, like always, the dude exudes cool. Every time I see him, I hear "Greetings, True Believer!" echoing in the back of my mind. As per usual, Stan will have a small cameo in the new Marvel film, hence the on set appearance.

In somewhat related news, Smilin' Stan still hasn't seen X-Men: The Last Stand. According to The Man himself, he's simply been too busy to watch the latest on-screen adventures of his characters. At 82 years-old, Stan Lee is showing no signs of slowing down; in addition to those cameo appearances he is working with his reality tv show, creating his own new name brand, Pow! Entertainment, and penning a series of "Stan Lee Meets..." comics for Marvel, celebrating his 65th anniversary with the company. "Retirement is a dirty word," says the comics guru.

(via Sign on San Diego)

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