It seemed like everywhere I clicked today, I was learning another bit of news regarding Michael Bay's Transformers. Eventually I got the hint, and here I am to give you a Transformers round-up from across the web to fulfill the wishes of the internet gods. Perhaps if I please them, I'll be able to go a few years without having to buy another new computer (unlikely, but a guy can dream).

Stan Bush*, who performed the song "The Touch" for the original Transformers movie is back in the recording studio putting together another winner for the new film. He hopes to submit it to Bay and company within the month. (Thanks to Seibertron for the story.)

The busy little folks over at TFW2005 have turned up a "first look" at Optimus Prime's head. It is nothing more than a blue model, but it does look awesome. Despite my profound misgivings, I can't help but geek out over things like this. Optimus Prime, you are my hero.

And of course, the ever-present and always-giddy Ain't It Cool News has turned up another new photo from the set. They do this every few days or so, because Harry Knowles is everywhere. I strongly suspect he learned the secrets of doppleganging at some point from mystic foreign monks or dark, evil creatures of the netherworld. Either way, it was a sweet deal.

*Stan would like you to check out his website at He said so at the aforementioned Seibertron. Cinematical's resident geek digs Stan, so we throw him some link love.

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