It'll be nice when the cast is finalized for Chris Nolan'sDark Knight, sequel to his popular Batman Begins film. We've been following the rumors for what seems like a decade now, and we're finally closing in on the end. One of the major outstanding roles has been cast, as Heath Ledger was named to The Joker in a decision which raised many an eyebrow. Nolan just sat down for a discussion with In Focus (may I suggest you read the whole interesting interview here) and spent a fair bit of time talking about The Dark Knight. The following are rumors shot down by Nolan, who certainly has more credibility than anyone on this issue:

  • Ryan Phillippe is not Harvey Dent. Everybody can back off with the Phillippe rumors now, because that makes just about every last being in the galaxy who has denied the Phillippe rumor. Unless, of course, you are a conspiracy theorist. In that case, it must be true!
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman is likewise not Oswold Cobblepot. Popular support for this rumor has been waning of late anyway.
  • Nolan wants nothing to do with a Batman -- Superman team-up flick. Although the potential for such a movie seems intriguing, I feel this is a wise decision. The styles of the two films are too distinct to mesh well.
  • It is The Dark Knight, not Batman: The Dark Knight. Although product identity is important, I fully support the simpler form of the name. You're not going to need help remembering what the film is about anyway, once the marketing machine gears up.
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