Can you tell Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer is really getting underway? I sure can, because news and pictures are starting to pop up faster than I can blog about them. Today brings us a collection of pictures via Flickr, and just a bit of news to boot. Ready for an eyeful of Marvel's latest project?

  • The page with tons of wedding pictures we pointed you towards yesterday has been updated with even more wedding pictures. I continue to delight in the slight, but very good looking, improvement to The Thing's costume. Ben Grimm has been my favorite Marvel character since my pre-school days, and his new movie persona looks straight out of the pages.
  • Speaking of wedding pictures, here is a shot of Stan Lee as mailman Willie Lumpkin. The word you are searching for to describe him is swank. Boatloads of it.
  • And while we're on the subject of Stan the Man and swank, may I point you to this picture of Stan with director Tim Story?
  • Want to see what the Silver Surfer is going to look like? Too bad. But you can see him decked out in green doing some pseudo-stunts. Looks like fun.
  • And for a bit of news, multi-talented production company North Projects claims to be doing some vague "behind the scenes" work for the flick. What they mean by this is anyone's guess ... I'm sure there are plenty of good innuendo-filled jokes you could make here if you were so inclined.
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