Normally, I like to pick a theme for Film Blog Group Hug. Let's face it, that theme is usually related to Austin, Texas, where I live. But I enjoy variety in my reading as much as anyone else, so this week I found all kinds of interesting and notable blog entries that -- believe it or not -- had nothing to do with Austin. Or Texas. Or the South. This week's Film Blog Group Hug entries range from thoughts on distribution and exhibition, to marketing examples, to film festival coverage, and finally to miscellaneous fun and games.
  • Over at the Onion A.V. Club, Scott Tobias explains why recent decisions about exhibiting Death of a President and Deliver Us from Evil make him feel he's being treated like a child: "These gatekeepers have basically decided that adults need to be shielded from ideas that they deem inappropriate. They've created a special rating and it's called GFY (Go F**k Yourself)." Here in Texas, I'm wondering whether we'll get any chance at all to see Death of a President. [via ScreenGrab]
  • Speaking of Death of a President, Jeffrey Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere notes the links between the chains refusing to show the film and the Republican Party. I'm a little skeptical -- I think the motives are likely more commercial. But I'd love to see an in-depth article on theater-chain corporations and their political donations and affiliations; if such an article exists and you know about it, please share the link. [via Movie Marketing Madness]