Some people call them leftovers, I call them meal number 2! Today's spare pieces from the world of geek cinema:

  • Get out the magic wands and pointy hats -- Harry Potter 5 is on the way! The first official teaser trailer has been announced, and it will be heading your way November 17th. It will be attached only to the "comedy adventure"Happy Feet. Or ... you know ... on the internet a few hours later. Your choice. (via Cinescape)
  • Louis Letterier appeared on a French TV show and blew them away with the knowledge that his Hulk won't be a sequel to that other one. Although that news hasn't been new for months, he also let slip his budget range -- $120 million -- and discussed what he's looking for in Bruce Banner (bookish type) without mentioning Eric Bana. (as told by a SH tipster)
  • You can see a whole slew of wedding pictures from The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer over at Flickr.
  • Speaking of the Fantastic Four sequel, you can read a few thoughts from the man behind the Doom mask at Media Blvd in the midst of a discussion on other projects. Most notably, he's glad he isn't going to need to spend half of every day getting into his costume this time around. Apparently, it has been scaled back a bit for more reasonable wearability.
  • Marvel studios is so totally stoked for Terrence Howard as Iron Man's buddy. They never wanted anybody else but him. Really, they swear.
  • Neil Gaiman'sStardust has too much plot for one movie, and he has found it necessary to give the film editors a lesson in proper story telling. Check out Bookslut for a first hand account from the man himself. (via CBR)
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