Having written the screenplays for Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers and Along Came Polly (which he also directed), it's obvious John Hamburg has an eye for comedy, as well as starring vehicles for Ben Stiller. Now it looks like Hamburg will take on two more directing gigs for Universal (did the studio officially adopt him or what?), one of which he wrote himself and the other appears to be a collaboration.

Based on a pitch by Hamburg, Scott Turpel and Kyle Pennekamp, Universal has picked up the buddy action comedy Secret Agent Men, a project Hamburg will direct, while Turpel and Pennekamp pen the script. Story is being kept under wraps right now (dare I say it's a secret), though something tells me Stiller's name will circle one of the starring roles. However, Hamburg's other film (which he'll direct first), The Troubleshooter, is currently searching for its cast, so I guess now it's a question of whether or not Stiller will show up in just one or both films?

And speaking of Stiller, what happened to the guy? Is it just me, or are his role choices progressively getting worse?

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