Rutger, we hardly knew you.

Don't worry; he's not dead (his career, now, that's open for discussion ... but I digress). The actor who 99% of the population know as "the guy from Blade Runner" has had a documentary made about his life -- no, really, a whole movie!

Written and directed by Simone de Vries, (Kinky Friedman: Proud to Be an Asshole from El Paso) Blond, Blue Eyes premiered last week at the Dutch Film Festival, and follows Hauer through a bizarre array of locations ranging from a farm in the Netherlands to his personal yacht (Rutger Haur has a yacht? I guess residuals from Buffy the Vampire Slayer still come in after all).

Hauer is currently working on his autobiography, so here's hoping there's at least one anecdote from the set of Blind Fury. The man also plans to direct a feature about Dutch banker Wally van Hall who saved thousands during WWII. (Think of it as Schindler's List, but with windmills.)

[via Film Threat]
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