Though I hardly remember exactly what happened, I've only been stuck in an elevator one time in thirty years on this planet. I was eight, we were at Macy's and just like in the movies, there was a pregnant woman trapped in there with us. And she was scared. Real scared. Pregnant women are scary as it is, but throw them in an elevator that's stuck between floors and, well, terms like 'the end of the world' immediately come to mind.

Amber Tamblyn will look to tap into that uncomfortable, claustrophobic feeling, as the actress has just signed on to star in the indie thriller Blackout. With Rigoberto Castaneda directing, pic will revolve around three people trapped in a hospital elevator for 24 hours. What's thrilling about that? Well, what if one of the three was a doctor-turned-psychopathic killer (Aidan Gillen)? Yikes. I wonder if they pitched it as Phone Booth, but in an elevator? Tamblyn will play a young woman desperate to get to her dying grandmother and the third elevator victim will be a teen who wants to run away with his girlfriend. Will they live? Will they die? And who will have to go to the bathroom first? Production is set to begin next month in Spain.

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