The idea of a new Three Stooges movie has been floating around various studios for years now -- most recently accompanied by a Farrelly brothers script which has apparently impressed at least some of the people at C3 Entertainment, the rights holding company. At some point in the not too distant past, Warner Bros. had an option on the project, and in probably the wisest move made by the studio in decades, they let it drop. This means, however, the Stooges film went back on the market, where it was quickly snapped up by the eager First Look Studios. First Look says they plan to stay true to the "original flavor" of the studios, and C3 Entertainment is said to still be impressed with the contemporary script penned by the Farrellys.

Look, I loved the Stooges growing up. I'm not picking on this film idea because of any sense of ill will towards the old boys -- I just fear the results of a "contemporary" Stooges film written by the guys who brought us Stuck on You. I can see nothing but great evil emerging from such a deal. However, maybe I'm just a cynic. What say you, Stooge fans? Are you glad to see your old buddies finally getting some attention from studios again, or is it sacrilege to replace the iconic actors?

Cinematical Flashback: Another Stooges Movie?
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