China frequently shuts out films from beyond its own borders in an effort to promote patriotism, preferring to instead show flicks that showcase "the rich, colorful and true-to-life state of domestic films," according to Tong Gang, director of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. Having already locked out Miami Vice (which is now set to debut at the end of October minus twenty minutes of footage) and World Trade Center earlier this year, some are saying Casino Royale will be next on the list.

The film was all set to be the first Bond film to open in China, which is amazing considering that there have been 20 Bond installments before it. Apparently the Chinese government doesn't care much for the superspy. Even in the films, Bond has never set foot inside the country, other than in Hong Kong for Die Another Day. Plans to film Bond racing on top of the Great Wall on a motorcycle in A Licence to Kill were forced to be abandoned by the producers when the government heaped restrictive demands on the movie.

James Bond is running out of places to find himself embroiled in national intrigue and conspiracy, and it is about time that he just shirked the rules and ran amok in Tiannamen Square. Its either that, or possibly the lost city of Atlantis for his next adventure. He's already been to Mardi Gras, Siberia, and outer space. Come to think of it, he's already been underwater in The Spy Who Loved Me -- complete with his submerging Lotus Esprit. So, China has to be next on the list, right?

What do you think? Should James Bond have his passport stamped and be allowed in?

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