Geek items I read while watching BC score first against Virginia Tech:

  • Lots of people made fun of the early Ghost Rider poster work because ... well ... it looked cheesy, as does everything related to Ghost Rider we've seen so far. Some new, somewhat better looking posters have surfaced. They claim to be official Sony products, but this is an unproven claim. I distrust it simply on the basis of the posters looking far too good. Sony hasn't shown us a good look at the flick yet. This may be because no such thing exists.
  • Dynamic Forces has produced some Sin Citymini busts, which you can see over at Comics Continuum. I'm a huge Frank Miller fanboy, and I love geek toys, but I can't imagine wanting a bust of Marv staring at me from anywhere in my house.
  • The official numbers are in, and as we've all been hearing, X-Men: The Last Stand is selling like crazy. Whatever your feelings on the film, this bodes well for future Marvel projects. The DVD after-market, while not as lucrative as it has been in past years, is still a big money maker. If Marvel's going to survive funding their own projects in the future, they're going to need a strong fanbase on DVD sales.
  • Toyota has a weird, limited edition Superman Yaris. Have at look at it, and you'll agree it is a very good thing this is limited. Hopefully by limited, they mean one, because I can't imagine anyone dropping tens of thousands of dollars to own this car.
  • IGN Filmforce has a nice conversation with Eragon'sEd Speleers, high school drama geek turned major motion picture star.
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