In an ultimate cage fighting match between Sarah Michelle Gellar and Martin Scorsese, my money is on Sarah Michelle Gellar. After all, she did kick some serious butt as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Plus, as much as I love Scorsese and his movies (let's face it, he's a great director), he is an old man so I'm pretty sure she could take him in a fair fight. Or maybe even in a less-than-fair fight. She's just that good.

Apparently, that same kind of butt-kicking logic can be applied to Sarah Michelle Gellar's newest film release, a sequel to 2004's The Grudgeand cleverly named The Grudge 2, when it goes up against Scorsese's current film and box office champ, The Departed. Gellar's film is opening on Friday the 13th (that's today kids -- prepare to be scared) and according to the prognosticators at Daily Variety, is posed to knock Scorsese's pic out of the top spot on the box office charts.

What are their reasons for this prediction? Sadly, its not because Gellar could beat the crap out of Scorsese, although it would be funny if it was. No, for some reason they think it has something more to do with horror films opening well during Halloween. Or, the fact that the first Grudge's opening weekend box office haul was an impressive $39.1 million -- the biggest ever for a horror film.

They also think Grudge 2 will take the top spot because it has little competition from other horror films this weekend except for Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. Plus, Grudge 2 is rated PG-13 and can attract that all-important teen audience, while Texas Chainsaw is rated R so only adults over 18 can (theoretically) see it. Yet another reason, according to Variety, that The Grudge 2 is simply destined to be number one.

So Mr. Scorsese, if you want to hang onto the top spot at the box office this weekend, you better make a call to some friends of ours, gather your goodfellas and prepare to go to the mattresses. If you don't, cute little Sarah Michele Gellar may just kick your butt.