MTV stars Dirty Sanchez had the UK premier of Dirty Sanchez: The Movie on Thursday. Considered the "Welsh Jackass" and then some, (English censors had requested the removal of a sequence featuring a man sucking excrement from the anus of a live rabbit) the film follows our injury prone friends through a pact with the Devil as embodied by Howard Marks, aka Mr. Nice (a former philosophy professor and international cannabis smuggler with connections to MI6 and the Mafia) to re-enact the seven deadly sins; sloth in Wales, anger in Moscow, envy in Ko Phi Phi, lust in Bangkok; pride in Tokyo; gluttony in San Miguel, Mexico; and greed in the Dominican Republic.

Reactions to the film were a little, how shall we say -- negative? "The Movie is ultimately more repulsive than funny" and "the big screen spin-off of the popular MTV series of the same name is full of stomach churning stunts and vomit-inducing idiocy and is about as depraved as any film could possibly hope to be" So, there's nothing I could really say to top that , is there?

Dirty Sanchez: The Movie has yet to announce a North American release date. I wonder why?
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