I'm starting to believe that James Cameron was somehow born underwater and, with help from a pixie fairy, was magically transformed into a great filmmaker. Though he's already hard at work on Avatar, Rogue Pictures has cut a deal with Cameron for him to co-write and produce James Cameron's Sanctum -- yet another one of Cameron's underwater adventures.

Gary Johnstone is set to direct the pic which will be shot on high-definition 3-D and revolve around a father and son diving team who run intro trouble while exploring uncharted depths. Johnstone last worked with Cameron when he helped co-direct the TV doc Expedition: Bismarck, and so the duo appear to be on the same wavelength (no pun intended) as far as stuff like this goes. What's surprising here is that the budget for Santcum is said to be around $20 million, an extremely low number for a Cameron flick. Especially since the dude loves to work with the latest and hippest technology.

Avatar will mark Cameron's first dramatic feature since Titanic, and I imagine there's a lot of pressure for the film to succeed. However, I get worried that Cameron will spend so much time obsessing over effects, that the story will ultimately suffer and sink faster than Billy Zane's career post-Titanic. What do you think? Does Cameron still have it?

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