The biggest problem with Man of the Year is that, much like American Dreamz, which came out earlier this year, it simply doesn't seem to know what genre it aspires to be. It's not quite thrilling enough to be a political thriller, nor is it dark enough or funny enough to be a black comedy or political satire. My viewing partner at the screening the other night made the observation that it's almost as if somebody figured that Jon Stewart is hot, people aren't happy with our politicians (are we ever, really?) and that a film about a political humorist like Stewart running for and winning the presidency would get butts into seats.

Toss in little intrigue around a glitch in the spandy-new computerized voting system designed to replace the Era of the Dangling Chad, add Robin Williams, mix with some "serious" cred from Laura Linney, Christopher Walken, and Jeff Goldblum, and what's not to like? Unfortunately, a lot of interesting cinematic ingredients all tossed together don't always make for a delectable, filling meal, and such is the case with this tepid film.
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