It is sort of embarrassing to admit this, and I always duck my head and mumble when I end up talking to people about it, but I really liked The Punisher. Yes, Travolta was a terrible villain. Yes, the plot was more than a little hackneyed. Okay, okay, the whole thing was really campy and somewhat poorly assembled. I know it was not a great movie ... but I loved it. I think Tom Jane was fantastic as Frank Castle, and I want to see him at it again. Talk of a sequel has persisted since the first film wrapped, and from the sounds of it we're getting close to a return.

MTV reports a quote from Tom Jane, who told them the script is only weeks away. In a comment sure to warm the hearts of Marvel geeks everywhere, he also promised the second Punisher attempt would contain more of what the fans want -- it'll be "darker, bloodier, and more unfriendly" than the last one. Yours truly is thrilled to hear the film is coming, and more thrilled to hear it's going to be edgier than the last time. Anyone else out there actually excited for this film?
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