Geek news I stumbled across while cursing the inept Pittsburgh Pirates management for passing up on Jim Leyland this past off-season:

  • Remember that enormous blue Optimus Prime head? There are new pictures of it. It is still large and blue ... and that's really about all. But if you're interested, you can have another look. After all, what would a day be without some news from the Transformers camp?
  • Check out KryptonSite for a nifty look at "the many faces of Jimmy Olsen." You can see all the actors who have portrayed Superman's pal on film over the years.
  • Remember, remember, the 31st of October ... Specs on V For VendettaHD, hitting shelves the end of this month!
  • Sci Fi Wire: Presenting Ed Speleer, savior of cinema!
  • IGN Filmforce gives you a look at the otherChris Nolan/Christian Bale/Michael Caine team up flick, The Prestige. If any of you out there are not excited for this movie, I simply do not understand your existence.
  • Hellboy animated movie? Yes, please! Check out Comics Continuum for a passel of stills from the production. I love Hellboy in any and all media, and this looks to be no exception.
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