For his next project, director Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II and III) is looking to do a little something different. No, he's not bringing Saw to Broadway, although watching Jigsaw break into song and dance right before he killed someone would be quite the treat to watch. Instead, he wants to take the off-Broadway musical Repo! The Genetic Opera and turn it into a film.

Bousman, who briefly directed an early version of the musical on stage in LA, has already put together a presentation reel using some of the cast from Saw III in an attempt to drum up some interest in the project. While I've never heard of it (and I live in New York City), if it's anything like Bousman's description, it sounds pretty, um, morbid. He says, "It's dark. It's horrific. And it's ... not like Singin' in the Rain or even Rent. It's like if The Rocky Horror Show met Saw." Story surrounds some genetic engineers in the near future who help provide organs during an epidemic. However, the business soon goes under and repo men are assigned to retrieve all the organs. Imagine someone showing up to your door with a smile and one request: "Sir, we're going to need to take back that liver back. Sorry for the inconvenience."

Anyone see the show? Do you think it would make a good film?

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