Back in May, Martha posted about the release of a full-length trailer for the the adaptation of Patrick Süskind'sPerfume - The Story Of A Murderer. But alas, it was all in German.

Well, the domestic cut of the trailer is now available at Apple (the film's website is also up and running). I have to admit I'm a little biased because the novel was one my favorite books (I really recommend picking it up), and I think Tom Twyker (Run, Lola, Run, Heaven) is a fantastic director. The first teaser was great -- it was quick, captured the dark tone of the book and left you wanting more. Exactly what a trailer should do, right?

Well, the full length domestic trailer is available online and it did everything a trailer shouldn't. It's a full-length trailer in every sense, full of plot points and reveals (not to mention the somewhat disquieting image of Dustin Hoffman in a powdered wig), though it manages to ruin most of the story's surprises. Even for someone like myself who has read the book, I can't help but resent the fun being ruined for those who haven't. However, the new poster is kind of cool.

Perfume - The Story of a Murderer
opens for wide release January 5, 2007.