After opening up at the Cannes Film Festival this past May (where James felt Kirsten Dunst's wigs were "far better-developed than her character") to a slew of boos from the French crowd, Marie Antoinette (writer-director Sofia Coppola's follow-up to the critically acclaimed Lost in Translation) finally hit the streets of the Big Apple on Friday as part of the New York Film Festival. Would Coppola, Dunst and the gang find more success here in the States? Well, Netscape's Karina Longworth loved the film so much after two viewings, she's even thinking about checking it out for a third time. And she's not alone. According to The IFC Blog, "There's no way around it -- [the film] just looks so good," while Aaron from Out of Focus felt Antoinette "will be unfortunately and unfairly criticized as being not much more than anachronistic eye candy."

Karina attended the screening this past Friday and managed to record the press conference that followed where Coppola, Dunst and Schwartzman had a chance to defend their film. Marie Antoinette hits theaters October 20. Enjoy!

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