Just in case you missed them the first time around, here's a round-up of what we (and you!) have been talking about on Cinematical this week:


Disney Insider: Orlando Bloom Won't Survive Pirates 4? (139 comments!)

Avalanche of Animated Adventures Alienates Audiences (87 comments!)
Julia Roberts Set to Eat, Pray, Love (36 comments)
Quickhits: Pitt Plays With State, Berg to Helm Tonight, and About Those Deathly Orlando Bloom Rumors (28 comments)
Cinematical Seven: Horror Films That Really Scare Me (27 comments)
Film School: Is it Necessary? (11 comments)
The Punisher Is Coming Back! (11 comments)
Christopher Guest Pimps VW as Nigel Tufnel (8 comments)
Chris Nolan Says No to the Penguin (7 comments)
Monday Morning Poll: Is the Sleeper Hit Dead? (7 comments)
When Partnerships Make for Great Filmmaking (6 comments)
Digital Transforms Movies (5 comments)
Deliver Us From Evil Stirs Prosecutor's Interest in Cardinal Mahony (4 comments)

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