Good news , especially if you're a producer or director like Joel Silver or Ivan Reitman whose movies have grossed billions of dollars at the box office. According to a recent New York Times article, you now have a new way to finance your films -- Wall Street.

Wall Street investment groups like Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan are looking to get into bed with high-profile, and high-profit, Hollywood producers and directors. It's pretty obvious why this kind of deal is good for producers and directors. More creative control over their projects, a much bigger share in the profits from DVD sales and ownership of their films make this pretty much a no-brainer for creatives looking to get out from under the thumb of the studio system.

But what's the upside for the Wall Street crowd besides lunches at the Grill and Spago or the "glamor" of it all? Well, according to the article, the investors are in it for a reason that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone -- money. Plus, in return for the money they will also be trying to curb the free-spending ways of filmmakers and protect their investment by not funding things like development, which can eat up quite a bit of cash. So, Wall Street gets to invest in movies, with the potential for billions in profit, and still has a safety net in case something goes wrong. Seems like pretty smart business to me.

And what about the glamor of it all? Ivan Reitman's producing partner Tom Pollock put it this way in the article: "I don't think any of them are in it for the glamor. They kept talking about their next big deal, which was recreational vehicles."