There's more to X-Men's Wolverine than sharp claws and sideburns (though he's definitely got those), and it sounds like we're going to find out what makes this beast-like mutant tick when the Wolverinesolo flick hits the screen. According to star Hugh Jackman, who can currently be seen in The Prestige, things are rolling along and the script is completed.

"We've now signed off on the script. If you know about the history of X-Men movies, that's a revolution for us. We're a year away from shooting the film and we have the script," Jackman said. "And, by the way, it is unbelievable. It's a David Benioff script. He's probably the hottest writer going around town, and he was beating down our door to write this movie. It was the most amazing thing."

Script writer Benioff does indeed seem to be in high demand. Having penned the screenplay for Troy, Stay, and 25th Hour, he is also attached toThe Kite Runner (which is in pre-production), Alphaand Ender's Game, both of which are listed as "announced" by the IMDB. Jackman also mentioned that he hoped to be able to announce a director sometime in the coming months, although the IMDB currently has James Roddy helming the project. Since Jackman says this film will explain who the character is and how he became Wolverine, it seems obvious that the Weapon X mythos from the comics will serve as the film's springboard, but he also states that while this is definitely a prequel, it will not follow the Japanese elements of the storyline.

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