It took a while for us to narrow down all the entries in our A Prairie Home Companion DVD giveaway to five winners (actually, it didn't take that long, I was just being terribly lazy over the weekend). When we decided to use the above shot of Lindsay Lohan for this Caption This contest, we knew we'd get some good ones -- and you didn't disappoint us! Here are our winning entries:

"You can fix that in post, right?" -- submitted by reader Eric Blair

"What do you mean they can't see me. Radio? WTF?" -- submitted by reader Chris Muir

"I don't know where you got it, but this bong isn't working" -- submitted by reader Jeremy Parker

"We have a great show tonight... Lindsay Lohan is here! Yeah!!!! Wait... I'm Lindsay Lohan... I mean... Gwen Stafani is here!" -- submitted by reader Dorv

"Would the owner of black lacy panties claim them in the back... oh wait, those are mine." -- submitted by reader Ryan

Congrats to our winners! Official winner emails are winding their way to you through cyberspace even now; make sure you get us your mailing address so we can get your DVD to you!