If you've already seen the trailer for '300' -- the adaptation of comic-book legend Frank Miller's ('Sin City') graphic novel about the Sparta-vs.-Persia battle royale at Thermopylae -- then you don't need me to tell you that it appears to be one of the most visually unique films ever put to celluloid. If you haven't yet feasted your eyes upon the preview, or if you're so psyched for the film that you want to see anything and everything pertaining to it, take a ganders at the two stunning photos below. This, my friends, is the only place you can see them.

Michael Fassbender in 300

In the above photo, Stelios (Michael Fassbender) tells a Persian emissary in no uncertain terms that the Spartans will not surrender. Good thing, or there wouldn't have been much of a film; the title refers to the number of Spartans that defended their homeland against Xerxes' gargantuan --and seemingly invincible -- Persian army.

Dominic West in 300

In this second photo, Theron (Dominic West) and a group of Spartan councilmen watch as King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) prepares to march his men toward Thermopylae and one of the greatest underdog stories ever told.

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