Apparently super-suave Oscar-winner George Clooney doesn't want to follow in the footsteps of other actors-turned politicians -- including everyone's favorite Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Senator Fred Dalton Thompson, former Congressman and "Gopher" Fred Grandy, and of course, the gipper himself, former President Ronald Reagan. Instead, he wants to continue his career and the life his success and fame allows him to have. Not a huge surprise, really, as the spotlight of politics is not exactly forgiving to a single male actor who, shall we say, likes to have his fun and has a taste for the ladies. Although, I'm sure if Clooney did decide to settle down and wanted to get married to help his political career (or for love), there would be no shortage of volunteers for the Mrs. Clooney role.

Clooney made his statement about his lack of desire for the political life at a recent gathering of celebs who came together to honor him as part of the American Cinematheque awards. As Kim already told us in her fine coverage of the event, Clooney's award was the 21st time this award has been given by the American Cinematheque, a group devoted to the preservation and restoration of films. Guests in attendance included many of Clooney's friends and co-stars such as Don Cheadle, Morgan Freeman, Salma Hayek and (my favorite and yours) Julia Roberts, who presented the award to Clooney.

Even though Clooney seems to be shunning the political arena, it didn't stop big-time politicians from sending him well-wishes and congratulations on his award. Gov. Schwarzenegger, Senator John McCain and former President Bill Clinton all sent taped messages to him. For someone who has no desire for politics, Clooney seems to have quite a few friends in that world and his recent films do seem to be exploring it, especially in the case of Syriana and Good Night, and Good Luck. Maybe it's all just a coincidence? Or maybe this is a case of what people in the political game refer to as a "non-denial denial?"

Whatever his plans, I think Clooney would make an interesting politician but I don't blame him in the least if he decides to shun the entire process in favor of his "normal" life. However, if he did decide to go into politics, I would be very interested to hear what he had to say. How about you?

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