In the increasing effort to prove critics of his early trailers and posters wrong, Mark Steven Johnson and the Ghost Rider team have released a new trailer showing Johnny Blaze transforming in more impressive, detailed fashion than the previously seen transformation scene. The transformation scene was one of those most viciously attacked after the trailer release, so it makes sense a new version was quick to follow. Check out the official blog for the new trailer, and see if it looks any better to you.

Better? Yeah, I guess so ... although really, that isn't saying much. Despite my geek-nature longing to enjoy this film, there really haven't been a lot of positive things to say about it. Really, the best you can say about this flick is "hey, at least it isn't one of Marvel's self-financed films, so it probably won't hurt so bad if it doesn't do well." On the other hand, all the negative buzz isn't setting great momentum for Marvel's subsequent films. I'm still crossing my fingers on Ghost Rider, but even I don't expect much.
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