Okay, we told you we wouldn't put up the official post about our Second Annual Halloween Costume Contest until closer to the 24th, but what can we say? We're so excited about it we just couldn't wait another day to give you the official rules -- and tell you what the prizes are. We want you to have plenty of time to plan for and prep your fabulous costumes, because if last year's entries are any indication, the competition is going to be stiff! Jack and Sally, pictured above, were just one of the many fabulous entries in last year's contest.

So what do are you competing for? A spooktacular (yes, I really did just say that) prize package of 13 horror DVDs hand-selected by our Cinematical staffers, PLUS a sexy and highly desirable Cinematical t-shirt! Two runners-up will win Cinematical t-shirts. And all that can be yours, if you have the costume our readers think is the best! Here are the DVDs the lucky winner will be adding to his or her collection:

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

Session 9
Evil Dead 2
Shaun of the Dead
Darkness: The Vampire Version
The Changeling
Bubbu Ho-Tep
Young Frankenstein
Eyes Without a Face
Silent Night, Deadly Night (Parts One and Two)
The Old Dark House
The Monster Club
The Thing

Rules below the fold (yeah, they're boring, but necessary):