Marvel's new director Jon Favreau is using his MySpace blog to ask for your help yet again. Favreau has done a reasonably good job thus far of at least pretending to be interested in the fans' thoughts, and I applaud his efforts to stay connected to the fan base he (and Marvel) desperately need to turn out for Marvel's first self financed flick, Iron Man. Today's question of the hour: who should be Pepper Potts?

For you non-True Believers, Pepper was Tony Stark's (he's the guy inside the Iron Man costume) secretary, first showing up back in the 60s, who spent the early years with a mad crush on Mr. Stark. She's a redhead, for what it's worth, but I rather imagine that'll have very little to do with casting decisions, what with wigs, dyes and such being readily available. Swing on over to Fav's blog and have a look at the names suggested so far (they cover most of the current starletts), and then come back here and impress us with your far wiser suggestions.

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