Towards the end of last week, Mel Gibson sat down with Diane Sawyer and, throughout the course of a two-part interview, finally answered questions regarding "the incident" this past summer. For those of you who either don't remember or don't feel like waiting for "the incident" to re-appear once all those end-of-the-year top ten lists hit the streets (all of which are bound to include Mel Gibson in some way, shape or form), let's recap: Mel Gibson got drunk, drove a car, got pulled over by the cops and subsequently felt the need to blame the Jews for everything. Yeah, that about covers it.

At one point during his "conversation" with police, Gibson blamed the Jews for all the wars in the world. However, when Sawyer brought up that comment, Gibson replied, "Let me be real clear, here. In sobriety here, in front of you, national television ... that I don't believe that Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world. I mean, that's an outrageous, drunken statement." It sure was, and it's a good thing the guy decided to finally speak on national television, what with his movie coming out in a little over a month. A movie whose release date was conveniently pushed back from August to early December -- right around the time when folks will be buying Christmas gifts and renting movies like The Santa Clause and The Passion of the Christ in order to get into the spirit of things. I'm curious though: If Mel didn't have a movie coming out in December, would he still have sat down with Diane Sawyer?

So, I ask you: Was Gibson's apology on national television convincing enough? Are there still people out there who refuse to see Apocalypto because of what happened in July? Or will you be staying away from the film simply because it's just not your cup of tea?

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