Odds and ends from Friday and the weekend:

  • If he's going to seek revenge upon the gang that attacked his family, Kevin Bacon will have to go through John Goodman, as the big guy has just signed on to play the boss of a drug ring in Death Sentence. As previously reported, joining Goodman and Bacon will be Kelly Preston and Stuart Lafferty who will be playing Bacon's wife and son.
  • Kyle Newman's Revenge of the Nerds remake has been hard at work adding geeks and sorority girls to its ever-expanding cast. Jenna Dewan (Take the Lead), Ryan Pinkston and Nick Zano have become the latest dorks to join the pack. Dewan will play love interest to Max (Christopher Marquette), one of the film's main nerds, while Pinkston will settle into the role of Felch, a 15-year-old college freshman and the pic's token whiz kid. Zano will play lead jock and (we're assuming) the nerds' biggest nemesis.
  • New Line has been busy chasing a Snitch ... the screenplay that is. Studio has just picked up Justin Haythe's script, which was inspired by a PBS Frontline documentary. Story revolves around a devoted dad who goes undercover in the drug world to try to find a way to free his son from prison after the boy was sent away on drug charges.
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