It's a basic rule of comedy writing; a staple, if you will: Two characters with extremely different lifestyles forced to co-exist in the same general area results in comic merriment. Call it the odd couple rule. Today's example of the odd couple rule comes to us straight from Universal Pictures, who has picked up the rights to a Dan Greaney/Jeff Poliquin script called Shy Guy. I'll give you two guesses to nail down one of the two differing personalities in this one. No, even though the geek beat guy is writing about this one, it has nothing to do with the little fellas from the Super Mario video games. Hey, you're right; one of them is shy! How'd you ever guess that one?

Shy Guy (to be produced by Jay Roach's Everyman Pictures) is the story of a "shy, retiring book binder" (not even a librarian or collector, a binder! Man, can the dude be any more boring?) and his "impulsive, hard-partying brother." Were this real life, the brothers would probably shake their heads at each other and only get together on major holidays, but since we're in movie-land here, the partying brother makes it his personal goal to socialize his shy sibling. Who wants to bet an attractive, extroverted woman develops a crush on binder-boy for the final sale?

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