If I were to tell you that Stephen Hawking was set to star in an IMAX film that's being described as "Groundhog Day meets Star Trek," would you think I was off my rocker a bit? Well, that's exactly what the world-renowned physicist plans to do, and production is currently in its early stages. Pic, called Beyond the Horizon, will focus on some of Hawking's own theories, most notably the big bang.

Hawking will star and narrate the film, which appears to have a pretty basic storyline. Apparently, a newspaper (which covers religious affairs) reporter (Lina Patel) approaches Hawking for an interview, as she's writing a story "about cosmology and the meaning of existence to commemorate the work of Albert Einstein and his special theory of relativity." Although at first a skeptic when it comes to stuff like the big bang, she will soon be seduced by Hawking's beliefs and, well, I'll leave the rest up to your imagination. Hawking is partnering with Leonard Mlodinow (fellow physicist and Star Trek writer) on the project which aims to "make Hawking and his wheelchair appear to come right out of the screen into the audience." Why do I find that image to be the slightest bit scary?

[via Kottke.org]

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