You know how Eric Idle once got it into his head that a big lavish musical version of Monty Python and the Holy Grail would be an awesome idea? And how the thing turned into a huge success that left patrons, critics and soundtrack producers clapping their hands in giddy pleasure? Well, guess what?

Life of Brian looks to be the next Python classic that's destined for the stage.'s Scott Brown explains numerous things, including what the play will be called (Not the Messiah), why the thing is opening in Toronto instead of New York (religious kooks), and what exactly an "oratorio" is, information that I found pretty helpful.

Having not yet seen the Grail-inspired Spamalot, which I hear is pretty damn hilarious, I haven't much else to add on this story. But Life of Brian is absolutely one of the finest satires I've ever seen, so here's hoping Idle's new version retains that same sense of venomous playfulness. And let me know when the underrated The Meaning of Life becomes a big expensive "oratorio." It's already got that amazingly fun "Every Sperm is Sacred" number.

P.S. How is it that Spamalot: The Movie is not already in production??
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