SPOILER ALERT: The Fangoria Chainsaw Awards won't be broadcast on television until October 22, but like all reputable award shows, it was taped a week in advance. Do not venture below the jump if you'd prefer to enjoy the awards show while clapping your hands in mild surprise as the winners are announced.

EDITORIALIZATION ALERT: After learning which flick won the biggest award, I was inspired to throw a lot of extra opinion into this report, so be prepared to leave me comments that say either "Dude, you're entirely right," or "Man, you're a freaking idiot." Either way you'll probably be making an accurate statement.

The good news first: Slither, Zombie Honeymoon, Saw 2 and The Hills Have Eyes won some stuff, and that pleases me mightily. On the other hand, it seems that tons of gore-geeks are still convinced that Rob Zombie makes good horror flicks ... and I just can't wrap my head around that sentiment.
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