I am currently holding what I like to call "the big bag-o-comics." Inside this wonderful, imaginary bag, are thousands of slips of paper, each with the title of a comic book series on it. When a production company wants to land a comic book movie (a very popular genre these days, as you well know), they simply contact me, and I reach into the bag to give them their box office gold. Today's candidate is Rogue Pictures, who will be buying the rights to -- shake shake shake -- Blood on the Tracks? This is ridiculous, there is no such comic. That's just the title of a Bob Dylan album.

What? Oh, I see -- it will exist sometime soon, but doesn't actually exist quite yet. But no worries, this won't stop Rogue from "preemptively" buying the rights for film purposes. After all, who doesn't want another vampire movie filled with a sequence of killings in the New York subway which *gasp!* turn out to be the work of a rogue vampire? I know, this will make a killing at the box office, right? I can't wait for -- what was it called again -- oh yeah, Blood on the Tracks. Congratulations, Rogue!

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