Okay, this one is certainly a bit odd. According to Production Weekly, director Rob Cohen (The Fast and the Furious) has taken on a Bruce Lee project called Rage & Fury. Now, seeing as Cohen is very familiar with the martial arts master, having directed the biopic Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story back in 1993, this news shouldn't really come as a surprise.

However, what if I were to tell you Bruce Lee (yes, the dude himself) will star in the movie? No joke, this is how Production Weekly put it: "Rob Cohen is set to helm Rage & Fury, featuring the legendary Bruce Lee, the most influential and famous martial artists of all time." It sounds delicious but, um, Bruce is dead. Are we talking a CGI version of Bruce? A documentary about Bruce? An animated Bruce? How on earth does Cohen plan on having Lee star if he's longer alive?

Bruce Lee is hot at the moment, what with a possible theme park, musical and biopic (put together by his family) all circling around the rumor mill. Perhaps the man secretly came back to life and none of us were aware? What do you make of this?

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