Shaun of the Dead

I love funny horror movies -- movies that manage to scare me a little, or creep me out, but also make me laugh. Sure, there are lots of spoofs of horror movies, from Young Frankenstein to the Scary Movie series, that might be hilarious at times but don't keep the audience on the edge of their seats. And straight-forward frightfests are everywhere these days. However, it's a rare movie that can hit both ends of the spectrum with skill. The criteria for my seven funniest horror movies were that they had to actually be horror movies -- in other words, I had to jump or hide my eyes at least once, and laugh out loud at least once.

In compiling this list, I left off some horror comedies I like a lot because they're not yet widely available: for example, I saw Frostbite and Severance at Fantastic Fest this year, but they haven't been released in American theaters yet. I also left off horror movies that weren't intended as comedy, but that some people laugh at today for camp value or even sheer awfulness. At least one film isn't included because I haven't seen it, but I'm not saying which one(s) because my little brother mocked me mercilessly for not watching it and I don't need further abuse. Feel free to comment on which movies you think I should have included, though.
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