They are something of a cliche, and generally don't attempt to create much new in terms of cinema, but people like feel-good sports stories. Knowing this, the producing team of Howard and Karen Baldwin alongside David E. Kelley and with the aide of hockey great Gordie Howe will bring to you the story of the World Hockey Association. If you don't know Howe, I suggest you look the man up -- his story is quite entertaining. He spent a number of highly successful years with the NHL, and later came back from an injury-aided retirement to become one of the most valuable players in the short-lived WHA, playing with his two sons.

This exhausts my full knowledge on Gordie Howe, and nearly all of my knowledge on professional hockey. Variety tells me Howard Baldwin owned and operated the Hartford Whalers for a while (a team on which Howe played), and Kelley's father was the GM during his tenure, thus their connection to Howe and the hockey world. Will the movie be full of standard sports-movie shtick and swells of inspiring music? You bet. Will it be family friendly and have a heartfelt, "never give up" message? Oh yeah. Will it, in fact, feature at least 3-5 slow motion scenes of hockey players skating dramatically in moments of very high tension? No question about it. And I, personally, cannot wait.
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