Our sister site DV Guru has an excellent interview up with one of the hottest up-and-coming DIY filmmakers out there, Sujewa Ekanayake, whose latest film, Date Number One, has been doing quite well. Ekanayake shot the film entirely on digital video using an XL1S camera and also a VX2000. The entire project cost him about $10K and took about 2.5 years from start-to-finish; Ekanayake financed the film himself from his paychecks and investments from a few friends and family. He's also distributing the film himself -- the film has so far shown in Seattle, NYC and Washington DC (where Ekanayake is based).

The interview is a fascinating look at the making of a truly DIY, digital film, with Ekanayake speaking frankly about his experiences: The pros, the cons, and why he wouldn't do it any other way. You can check out more about Date Number One at Ekanayake's official website, and be sure to check out his fab blog, DIY Filmmaker, as well. Sadly, I missed the screening of the film in Seattle, but hopefully I can get my hands on a screener and then I'll tell you all about the film.

What really interested me about the DV Guru interview with Ekanayake is the whole DIY and self-distribution aspect of what he's doing. With Google buying YouTube and services like iKlipz, and official film websites, and MySpace pages for films, and filmmaking blogs, and all that other cool stuff the internet is making available, I'm quite curious to see how the world of film distribution will change over the next decade.
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