New Line thinks they can predict the future, and in that future Eileen Cook's novel In the Stars becomes a huge success. Book, which isn't due out until February, had its feature film rights snatched up by the studio who intend to turn it into a giant romantic comedy.

Those of you who dig psychics and bitter ex-girlfriends might get a kick out of this one, as it revolves around a woman who researches the subject, and then pretends to be a psychic in an attempt to mislead her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend by shelling out bogus predictions. However, when one of those predictions comes true, this fake fortune teller suddenly becomes famous and, well, in the end I'm sure everything turns out just swell. At least that's what my tarot cards tell me.

Personally, Ive never visited a psychic because I'm too afraid of bad news. How about you? Anyone have any luck with a psychic?

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