The guy's killed a hundred terrorists, slayed a thousand vampires and infuriated more than one co-star along the way ... but former movie star/recent Video Shelf King Wesley Snipes, has just been indicted on eight counts of tax fraud. Seems the guy's been (allegedly) cooking his books to the tune of 12 million smackers over the past six years. Yowch.

Unfortunately this is not the first time that Mr. Snipes has been in trouble with the law: Tax Evasion in 2002, allegations of domestic violence and a paternity suit in 2004, the use of a fake South African passport in 2005 ... Plus the guy's been guilty of non-stop assaults on moviegoers the past three years. Following the weak Blade: Trinity, Snipes starred in 7 Seconds, Unstoppable, The Marksman, Chaos, The Detonator, Hard Luck and the impending The Shooter. And if you've never even heard of those movies, then congratulations: You officially have good taste in action flicks.

Anyway, yep: Eight counts of tax evasion, and the federal government is pissed. Somewhere I bet Jean-Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal are clapping their hands and calling their agents.

(Thanks to Wiki for the rap sheet.)
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