The following news shouldn't come as a surprise ... well, except for those who never got around to seeing any of Tim Burton's last four films. That's right, Helena Bonham Carter (aka Burton's main squeeze) has been chosen to star opposite Johnny Depp (aka Burton's main muse) in Sweeney Todd, a big screen adaptation of the popular musical (which I've been meaning to see here in NYC for quite some time now).

Bonham Carter will take on the role of Mrs. Lovett (originally played by Angela Lansbury in the staged version), an older woman who helps Depp's character (Sweeney Todd) exact his revenge by using the body parts of his victims as ingredients in her absolutely scrumptious pies. Seeing as Mrs. Lovett is supposed to be about a decade older than the Demon Barber, we're assuming they will age her up a bit to fit the role. Recently, rumor has it that Sacha Baron Cohen (aka Borat) is up for the part of rival barber Signor Adolfo Pirelli, but so far nothing has been officially confirmed. Production will begin in early 2007 with the movie-musical singing its way into theaters late next year.

I'm curious: For those that have seen the staged version of Sweeney Todd, do you think Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp will make a good pair on screen? Or should Burton have given another actress a chance?

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