Even though it's only been a couple of weeks, folks have been itching to know what, if anything, happened to Eat My Shorts. Did the column disappear? Did Cinematical stop caring about short films? Did Erik get hungry and somehow manage to literally eat all of the shorts? (While the last one seems ridiculous, trust me -- with my appetite, anything is possible.) No. No. And, um, no.

However, I have been hella busy covering the 44th Annual New York Film Festival for Cinematical. In doing so, there wasn't a lot of spare time for me to utilize to scour the internet in search of some fantastic material. I know, my time management skills kind of suck. (I still can't figure out why it takes me two hours to put on a pair of socks, but let's come back to that when the subject is appropriate.) While attending the fest, I was able to catch some really cool short films. As I sat in the darkened theater surrounded by my fellow critics, I couldn't help but hope and pray that some of those shorts were available online. And, to my surprise, they are!

New York magazine was cool enough to stream five of the short films featured at this year's New York Film Festival online for all to see. Thankfully, my favorite one is included. Before we check those out, I want you to keep your eyes open for any Halloween-related shorts online; next week, we're going to delve into that arena and before I start doing my own research, I'd like to hear from you, the audience. As always, feel free to send all links, tips and suggestions regarding Eat My Shorts to shorts AT cinematical DOT com. Okay, let's go check out some NYFF shorts ...

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